Monday 23 September 2013

Flower Pot I - Yellow & Black

I decided to tat this again in a larger size thread. What do you think? This is tatted in the Daiso thread Size 20 although it is more like a Size 10 to me. Pattern is by Jan Stawasz in his book Tatted Treasures on page 28. I bungled the double picots . . . left them too large. This measures about 10 x 7 inches.

I also tatted this for G in black Venus Size 70. She had requested it and I was happy to tat for her. 

And here is the size comparison.


  1. Good Day Wendy. Your Flower Pot tatting is gorgeous. Hugs Judy

  2. I like both of your flower pots, and I don't think the double picots are too large, they make the flower looks spiky. There is a very big difference in size, it is always amazing to me to see the differences.

  3. Both are so beautiful That's a lovely design.

  4. Wow!! Those both look wonderful!! :)

  5. Wow thats some difference in the size, they both look lovely and I don't think the picots are too large, they look more interesting larger and spiky

  6. Hard to tell in the photos. Depends what you want need size wise for both look very pretty. I suspect the larger thread looks more like the JS original as he designs in larger thread sizes.