Thursday 25 July 2013

Swans A Swimming

Not seven swans a swimming but just four - a pair of white and a pair of black separated by a fence. And no not on a lake but a man-made pond. I was watching people feeding them. One man was trying to stroke its head when the swan's beak came up to the stone wall to feed. He was not so successful though. 


  1. Great pictures, I hope he realised swans can be nasty and attack.
    Most Swans in the UK belong to the queen, the royal swan uppers I think they are called check up on the swans in the Thames, they have a royal boat all dressed up in the queens colours making sure everything is ok and they do a count every year.
    I do like swans they so regal when swimming

  2. Beautiful swans. I hope the man didn't get hurt. Swans are big birds and probably pretty strong.