Saturday 6 July 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

A slice of indulgence. I recently saw a documentary on the history of strawberries in Japan and learnt that strawberry shortcake is a popular confectionary during Christmas in Japan. I first tasted this cake in the 80s and you could only pre-order it at one cake shop. These days, you can find it in most shops. This one is from Four Leaves. I thought it could be just a little sweeter but for the health conscious, it is perfect.

The saucer (without the cup) was picked up in an antique shop in Australia years back. It is from the Royal Albert Lady Carlyle collection. I still see this design being sold at the department store here.  I usually have my tea or coffee in a mug but I just love such teaware.


  1. You always have such interesting and informative posts! I've learned about so many things (food and places) that I wasn't aware of! However I am definitely familiar with strawberry shortcake, and wish i had a piece right now! Have to avoid the whipped cream, though. Yours is a fancy version and looks oh, so delicious!

  2. Yummy yummy, I love strawberries but don't get to eat them very often. My cake the hotel sent up for my birthday had a huge strawberry on top of the cream and chocolate topping.

  3. Hi Kathy and Margaret,
    I look forward to your comments and they always make me smile. Thank you for your thoughts.