Monday 8 July 2013


It measures 7.5 inches and tatted in Lizbeth Size 40 threads in Purple Dark (#633) and Honey Drizzle (#180). I like the subtle colour changes in Honey Drizzle but not the areas with a little light beige. Difficult to notice now but it was obvious while I was tatting it. I was also anticipating that the petals would be longer than this. The centre did not lay flat. Maybe it is the blocking.

Anyway this pattern is called Sunburst on page 11 of 'The Tatter's Treasure Chest' book edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep. In the pattern a Size 30 thread was used and the completed doily measured 8 inches in diameter.


  1. Great colors and look!! :) I like the variegated petals!! :)

  2. Very nice work, Wendy.

    It looks as if it is too tight in the ring round of the blue... Perhaps the different dyes made the blue smaller than the yellow, causing the discrepancy?

  3. That is beautiful, a real treasure and so like a sunflower.
    Well done

  4. That is very nice. Did you have to do all those petals as start and stop, or were you able to split ring from one to another?

  5. I do love the look of that i might have to get that book out and start a new doily

  6. Again I am amazed how color brings a pattern to life! I've had Ms. Waldrep's book of edited patterns for a long time, and looking through it just now, I realize that it's the book which gave me some of my favorite edgings!

    I admired the doilies but never attempted them - lots of work! Yet you seem to tat doilies so effortlessly! I love the yellow variegated thread - it looks great on my computer! And the dark middle makes it look like a sunflower! Very pretty, indeed!

  7. Thank you for your comments.

    It was start and stop for each petal and I did not attempt any split rings.

    I think the subtle colours in the variegated thread was perfect for petals too.

    Did you notice an un-joined picot?