Saturday 2 February 2013

Wanda's Christmas 2010 Snowflake

I saw this snowflake on Tela Magistrae / Michelle's blog and thought how beautiful it was. It is a pattern by Wanda Salmans.

So I whipped out my shuttle and wound some red thread and tatted it. It is quite large, about 5 inches across. Thank you Wanda for a very lovely snowflake pattern. You can find the free pattern on Wanda's Knotty Thoughts Pattern Page.

I was not pleased with the red coloured thread as it looked pretty vibrant on the ball but when tatted up it lost its vibrancy and looked almost dull.


  1. What a lovely snowflake, and gorgeous red colour, strange how some colours just look so different when you tat them.
    Thank you for giving the link to the pattern

  2. The color might not be quite as you like it but the snowflake looks good!

  3. Ooooh, I really like it in red!

  4. This bright and vibrant snowflake is very lovely Wendy. I love it. Hugs Judy

  5. ...the pattern is realy nice...the red is not so bad thinking of a christmas star which are always red for me:))

  6. It certainly doesn't look dull in the photo! A very pretty design and beautifully tatted.