Saturday 9 February 2013

Kueh Pie Tee Cups


Mom usually makes this with help from one other person. Dad would help pick up the cups from the oil and drain them. It is a two person job even with one dipping mould.

These flour cups are made one at a time by dipping a heated mould into a batter and deep fried. The trick is getting the oil at the correct temperature so the cups will not blister and it slips out of the mould with a little help of the bamboo chopstick. If the oil temperature is too low, the batter will stick to the mould.

A shredded vegetable (Yam bean/Chinese turnip, carrots, french beans) filling is placed inside the cup and served immediately with garlic chilli on the top. Link here for a previous post. The crunch from the flour cups and the warm vegetable makes a delicious snack. We will be having these for Chinese New Year lunch tomorrow.

Some years back, I got store bought kueh pie tee cups since it is so time consuming to make. Of course mom did not like them. So this year each one of us is tasked to make some. Mom made one recipe by herself, my sister made some with her son/daughter and I made them with Tsuru. Tsuru sits on the kitchen floor and watch while I slave over the stove. It can be a one person job but it is a little tedious. I think I took about 3 hours from making the batter to finishing all the cups for just one recipe of approximately 150 cups. Each cup is small - about 1 inch in size.


  1. What an intricate little goodie! 150 is a lot of treats for one person o make!
    Fox : )

  2. That's a lot of hard work,
    I must wish you a happy Chinese New Year.

  3. I use a similar batter to make rosettes at Christmas, it is a fried crispy sweet treat. Usually eaten without filling. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article

  4. Thank you Fox for the greeting and yes it was a lot.

    Ladytats, We have another cookie that is similar to the rosette. I will take a photo of that and post it.

    Thank you Margaret.