Wednesday 13 February 2013

Remembering the Tatting Goddess

I was pondering which heart to tat for Valentines. I wanted to do one I had not done before. So, I chose this one.

This is Karey Solomon's Rays of Love Heart pattern found in Tatting Times May 2009. This booklet of Tatting Times was a gift from the Tatting Goddess Gina. Gina sent me a package full of goodies back in 2010.

After tatting this, I remembered that Gina had a pattern for a netted heart. I'm almost done tatting that and will post it tommorrow. This is my way of remembering Gina one year on.


  1. Lovely heart, I am sure she would have loved this heart

  2. That is a very pretty heart, I had not seen that one before.

  3. As I still visit Gina's blogroll every day, I was aware of the first anniversary of her passing, and remembering how overwhelming it was, and still is. She is often in my thoughts, and I am thinking of her family today and how much we all miss her.

  4. I have thought often of Gina over the last year, and miss her kind and thoughtful comments on all the blogs she followed, as well as her wonderful posts. She was so generous with her knowledge and skills.

  5. What a very very lovely tatted heart. Gina would of loved how you tatted her pattern. Hugs Judy

  6. ...mhhh...this is also very beautiful and extraordenary!!!...
    looking foreward to tomorrow :)...