Monday, 5 November 2012

Linda's Classic Doily - Green WIP

I love how this looks at the moment but I want to do this pattern justice so I am going to continue with the pattern and tatting it right this time. Wish me luck! The next 2 rounds are where I made the mistakes in the last one. This is tatted with Olympus Cordonnet Special Size 40 in #200. I love this green, reminds me of the colour of Imperial jade.


  1. that looks very nice in that color. I like the kaleidoscope effect of the ever expanding chains

  2. Looking lovely as far, and gorgeous colour.


  3. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous!

  4. This is a wonderful design and ful of split chains! You have done brilliantly so far. Good luck with that tricky patch...

    Great colour thread as well. Ah, you are such a talented tatter...

    Fox : )