Friday 23 November 2012

Painting Progress 1

Day 0 
Painting by numbers is something I have always wanted to try. Well, this looks challenging.
Day 4
But by starting this slowly and not painting more than an hour at each sitting, it seems quite doable.

Day 7
Any advice would be most appreciated.


  1. That looks a fiddly, look forward to seeing it finished

  2. being slow is a good thing, hurrying always gets you in trouble no matter what you are working on.
    one thing my kids learned was to start farther away from you and work towards you so you don't put your hand on a still wet spot and smear it elsewhere.

  3. I will, Margaret.

    Thank you so much Ladytats. I will try to remember that, otherwise you will see smudges.

    So far I am enjoying it!