Monday 12 November 2012

Circles & Squares Snowflake

This pattern is from Martha Ess in her book 'Playing with Picots'. I saw Sally tatted it here the same week I was contemplating the pattern. I was hesitating because I was not familiar with the rounded pearl picots of Mrs Mee. But with the instructions in Martha's book, it was a breeze.

However I only got it right in the second snowflake. I read that the picot is 1/8 inch wide on a horizontal gauge but it did not register in my mind. I think the second one is a more accurate interpretation of the pattern. The white one is tatted in Size 40 Milford. The red one is tatted in DMC Perle 8 Col 321. You have to click on photo to enlarge to see the picots. The effect is quite pretty.


  1. I like them both, the red is more substantial whereas the white one is very dainty.

  2. Great pattern - I have tatted before and will again after having seen yours - it looks fab in red!
    Fox : )