Wednesday 21 November 2012

Mata Kucing

This is a fruit labelled Thai longan by the supermarket but I know it as mata kuching / cat's eye. This one is a different longan variety endemic to South East Asia. It is sweet with a distinct flavour which is hard to describe. It is not available all year round so when I do see it in season, I try to get some. Of course we can buy the dried longan anytime. Often added to sweet desserts or drinks. I just read that 'longan' actually means dragon's eye in Cantonese.


  1. Looking at the bowl of peeled fruit, I would call it lychee, if I saw it here.

    Does this one here taste like that? I love lychee.

  2. Hi Fox,
    These are smaller than lychee and they taste different too. The fruit is firmer in texture.

  3. Not ever seen these before, they look interesting and what sort of taste do they have.

  4. you have the most interesting things to show us.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can you eat the seed or just the flesh surrounding it? It's actually quite beautiful and reminds me of a large translucent pearl.

  6. I remember now that I have eaten these - quite a bit smaller and harder to peel if I recall correctly! I prefer lychee. Also the flesh stays stuck around the pit more - or am I making that up?
    Fox : )

  7. Hi Fox,

    The flesh of these do not stick to the pit / seed. I think you may have eaten the rambutan. That gets stuck to a white pit. It is red and 'hairy'.

    Hi Jane,

    A pearl, yes it does look like it. The flesh is enjoyed. I threw some of the seeds into a pot too.