Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pineapple Heaven Doily #5 - Completed

Remember this WIP? It is completed and after five of these Pineapple Heaven doilies, I now surrender. I took my time tatting this one and it is completed without any obvious mistakes so I decided to send it in for the Show n Tell at Tatting Corner. I also sent in two other pieces which I tatted earlier this year. If you see it there, I hope you can recognize them.

Pattern is by Doretha Albee on Georgia Seitz's website. Threads are Lizbeth Size 20 in blue river glades #164. This will be one of my favourite tatting patterns. Please try it if you have not.


  1. Oh, that's STUNNING. Lovely colour too.

  2. That is an absolute stunning work of art!!! :) You did fantastic!!! :)

  3. That looks gorgeous and one of your best, not that any of the others have not been, perhaps it's the wonderful colour.

  4. Congratulations. Your pineapple doily looks wonderful. A lot of work in one, never mind five!

  5. I thought that was your work when I saw this doily in the contest. Good for you.

    This is a pretty pattern and it is on my to do list when I get a chance.

  6. That is sooo beautiful - LUV IT!
    Bridget in Australia