Thursday, 21 June 2012

Variegated Pink Threads

Tatted by Sheila H
Sheila H won some threads for the Tischband Tat Along Giveaway #2 and she chose to tat Mary Konior's Spinning wheel glass mat with it. She sent me a photo and I just had to show you. This thread came without a legible label and I thought it looked like a size 20 but Sheila confirmed that it was more like a Size 10. I like the feel of this thread and it is a pretty colour. I have other colours of the same thread.
Tatted by Umintsuru
This is what I tatted with the same thread. This cross is a pattern from Julie Patterson called Crossing Back and Forth on page 11 of her Knots and Crosses book.


  1. I love the Spinning Wheel, and Sheila's looks great in the pink! The cross is lovely as well.

  2. Gorgeous doily, and the cross. I like the pattern for the cross very different from the usual styles

  3. Wow, isn't that JP pattern lively how you've done it? It looks gorgeous, I might try et now!

  4. very pretty spinning wheel glass matt and you cross book mark is pretty in that thread too.

  5. Both projects are beautiful and those colors are so pretty!! :)

  6. I like that cross pattern. Even in the variegated, it is attractive.

    The Glass Mat I have always preferred in a single colour, but your tatting id superb!

  7. Gorgeous motif and the pinks are just delicious!