Sunday 10 June 2012

Tatting Together Square Motifs - Lis Christiansen

The book is titled 'Tatting Together' by Iris Niebach and that is what we did. Jess of Tat-ilicious and I decided to tat the same motif at the same time and coordinate our blog post although we are half way across the world and night and day in time difference. Go to her blog to see hers. Jess chose this pattern on page 10 by Lis Christiansen. 
This pattern is easy to tat, just that you need to remember which picot to join up to with the next motif. This is tatted in Venus Size 40 threads. This thread is a little soft so the rings and chains are difficult to shape up. Another reason is that the rings are large and I find that when rings are large, I have difficulty keeping my stitches and ring size even.
Below is a comparison with the earlier motif which I tatted by Lene Bjorn posted here.


  1. Okay. Out comes the book. I love these.
    Fox : ))

  2. So unique!! I love the designs!! :)

  3. I really love the colors you chose!

  4. I like this pattern, more open so you can see the pattern more, The colour is lovely, pity the thread is so soft,

  5. I have enjoyed looking at both versions of this design. I can see the negative space better with this one, but I can understand Jess's version as well. Hers is pretty and so is yours.

  6. I think blocking in this case helps shape the motif but I was not too diligent to put in too many pins. Otherwise I believe it would shape up slightly better.