Saturday 16 June 2012

Tatting Question

What do you do when you realize you forgot to join to another picot after you have finished tatting the motif.

a. Throw the piece away and tat another
b. Cut that part out and re-tat
c. Leave it, life is full of imperfections
d. Remedy for cosmetic purposes

If you chose a, you must be a perfectionist;
If you chose b, you are more patient that you think;
If you chose c, I like what you are thinking;
If you chose d, tell us how you do it.


  1. D I generally run a thread through the stitches then through the picots and finish on the other side through the stitchs as if I was hiding ends by weaving in and out pulling firmly enough to tighten

  2. ok. usually i can B. i usually do C and D if its a join.

    with d. if its a join then i join to the cap of the stitch with a long picot join. if its decorative i just say whatever and choose C.

  3. Hmmm....I guess it depends on the project and how important it is. I guess I have probably done most all of those. :)

  4. If it's necessary to the shape of the tat, I'll cut a piece of the same thread, tie the picots together, then sew in the ends. If it's not crucial to maintain the shape, I choose c.

  5. most generally I would choose C. but if the missed picot causes distortion, I would tie the picots together just as they did way back when. using a very fine thread in a matching color.

  6. I wish I could "like" this post, because I absolutely agree! I am an "a" or "b" person, but I'd sure love to be a "d"...I hope some amazing person out there has a good answer for you! :)

  7. C for sure. I remember when I was small, sitting through a history lesson on the Native Americans of Northern California (Pomo). When we were being taught about the baskets and bead work the Pomo's did, we were told that if they made a mistake, they did not tear any of it out, they would leave it because 'no one is perfect, and if no person is perfect, no object needs to be perfect either'. Since then, while I strive to make items without errors, I do not sweat it either if there are minor imperfections.

  8. Depending on what the item is, and who it's for I'd go with b or c. I've never tried tying picots together or any other cosmetic fix so d is out. I would never consider a. I'm not a fast tatter, so most things take a while to make.

  9. Generally I would go with C

    But for I have been a "d" person.
    Here is a list of some ways that I have remedied:
    1. When I blocked, I put the pin through both picots. (I have only ever blocked one piece, so you know which one it is)
    2. I have taken a small bit of thread and sewed the two places together. Kind of like hiding ends... just hiding both ends.
    3. Deemed the motif to be forever attached to an ATC, the missing join is then nailed down with a brad. This could also work if you sewed the motif down to something.

  10. I'm sometimes A and sometimes C; I start over, but I also store my throw aways because, some day, they might be useful in another project. That's one of the charms of tatting; even mistakes look bad and the most horrid of trials of beginner tatting can make for some awesome clown hair on a scrapbook page. :-)

    I'm an imperfect perfectionist (I'm a Virgo, so I should be full-on perfectionist, but that got boring, I guess, LOL....).

    Stephanie Grace

  11. d. With a bit of thread, tie the picots together and clip close to the knot. Before the join was invented, that's how picots were connected anyway.

  12. Well it depends if the pattern is wrong I do B.

    If it does not look wrong and I can live with its then C

    I have like the great I did on holiday and not shown found a mistake in a Herat I did too longer chain and I left it and won't be using it, I did ask my grabs daughter if she could see what was wrong with it, and she could not see it, but she has not done the pattern


  13. Just sew together with fine tread :)
    This works well. And never throw away!

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. Well, I'd do d if it was possible and if not I'd settle for c. Use a thread to tie picots together? Like the original tatting.

  15. Depending on what I want to do with the finished piece... I retro-tat to fix the mistake or I go back with matching thread and stitch the join together. If it's for me, I always retro-tat! ; )

  16. Either thread a needle and make the join that way; or glue it!
    I prefer method 1, although it is a bit fiddly, hiding the ends.

  17. Blogger problems;

    This is from Frivole:

    It would depend on the piece. If it's very small, I may re-tat it. If it's larger, it would depend on how essential the join is. Often there are many joins that keep the piece together so one missed join won't be too noticeable. If it's essential, I may use a matching thread and sew the join back. It would have to be a massive mistake for me to cut out and re-tat.

    So there you go, not a straight-forward answer, it could be any of the four!

  18. Thank you so much for all your comments. Some great suggestions and ideas here.

    I should also add option e. It depends on the situation.

  19. I usually undo and re tat. It really depends on how noticeable the mistake is and what the piece will be used for. I have, on occasion, tied the picots together using the same thread if it is going to be in a spot where it will be covered up by something else.(Such as another piece of tatting over lapping so it wouldn't be visible anyway.) I have also cut and re tatted when I wanted to correct a mistake, again depending on what I was making and how obvious it is and what it will b e used for.