Wednesday 6 June 2012

Cannon Ball Tree

That is a monkey between the flowering branches of the cannonball tree. The fruits of this plant look like cannon balls and hence the name. I found a photo showing the tree. If you click on it, you may see the fruits.

I have been tatting but nothing I can show you for now. I have been busy making the gifts for my PIF but I will only post them when the recipients received them. Just posted them off and hopefully they will received it in a week or so.

I have also continued with Ulla's motif and made more mistakes but I think I will soldier on.

I went home to see mom last weekend and also met my two twin nephews for the first time. They seem to be such good babies, not much fussing and smiling most of the time. I bought them matching coordinated 3 piece onesies, shorts and T-shirt so that they can choose to wear them coordinated or identical. They are 6+ months old now.


  1. What a gorgeous tree! What kind of monkey is that? Are they everywhere, as are our squirrels?

  2. Hi Fox,
    These are long tsiled macaques and no they are not everywhere, near forest areas and in this case in the Penang Botanic Gardens.

  3. What an unusual tree, I have not heard of this one, I am sure the macaques love the fruit. thank you for sharing this picture of an unusual tree.

  4. That's a big monkey, and an amazing tree! Always enjoy your photos. The escalator photo the other day was kind of scary. It's great engineering, but I think I'd be hesitant about getting on it, especially going 'down'. And I didn't realize you also dabbled in stained glass, even though you have a UFO! You have many irons in the fire, so to speak!

    You're always a busy gal! That was a good gift for the twins!

  5. Thanks Kathy for your comment here. Yes, I like to try anything and everything however my study isn't set up for stained glass and it does not go well with patchwork and quilting so when I decide to do stained glass, I have to pack up all the quilting supplies.

    Yes, the escalator was slow but it was scary trying to step/move down the escalator as it is quite steep and dark. Climbing up was easier but it was often after a long day of walking so just enjoy the 2 min ride.

  6. Hi Margaret,

    This tree is quite common here too, along the road and the flowers are quite pretty.