Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Unjoined Picots

What it should look like!

What I did to it.

This is what I did with unjoined picots after I discovered it too late. Remedy it crudely. Did you notice it in the previous post? 

Below is another example:


  1. I just cut a wedge out of a new motif after deliberating whether to to that or to hide the mistake. I chose to cut! Often I employ the 'sneaky join' instead, but for some reason I could not be bothered with it yesterday.
    Fox : )

  2. Whoops no I did not notice, you hid it so well, it did not show.


  3. I did not notice it until you mentioned it, then had to look.

  4. The way I have joined two picots when I was only supposed to have one picot: I place one ON TOP of the other picot and then and then tie it at the base of each of the rings. This way the picot is the same size as it should be, just a bit thicker.