Monday 30 April 2012

Kreuzmotive WIP

I have been working on my WIP - Kreuzmotive pattern by Ruth Scharf. After taking this photo, I realise that one flower petal is wrong. Can you see which one? I have to cut that off and tat in a new one. After reading all your comments here, I decided to change the colours around. Pink petals seem more appropriate. At the moment, I am thinking of 3 by 2 repeats but I may change my mind again.


  1. I am not sure where the mistake is. Is one petal too large?

    What book is this from?
    Fox : )

  2. I like the colors, other then one petal looks pulled into the center, I am not sure what is wrong.
    changing the colors around for each repeat will make a very nice mat, or band, or doily, or....

  3. Looking very nice. I like the colour of the petals.

  4. Hi Fox, Yes you got that right. I took the larger petal off.

    Hi Ladytats, you read my mind, exactly what I was going for.

    Thanks Margaret.