Thursday 19 April 2012

Karen's Tischband

Tatted by Karen F

Tatted by Karen F

You may have seen Karen's Tischband on Tat-ology but I promised Karen I would post it here. Remember our Tat Along? Well, Karen joined us later so she said she had the advantage to work out some of the problems.

If you noticed, Karen tatted 5 sets of chains instead of 6 and note how the four leaves are joined. It fits perfectly. I love the colours she chose. Karen also explained why the first one is called Walt after a friend and that the threads used in that was Finca, a gift from Fox. I love how the Olympus variegated brown turned out with the turquoise.

On another note, if you have finished one repeat of the Tischband, do let me know so that I can include you in the special draw described here.

How does your Tischband grow?


  1. They are beautiful, unfortunately I never found the time to do it perhaps next time when we have a tat along.