Saturday 28 April 2012


This morning I woke to thunder and thought of Umi. She would be calling to come into the room, running to hide under the bedcovers or behind the TV in her favourite corner. She seems to think the thunder won't get her there.

Here she is, Umi with the beaded spider I made last September.

 "What's that on my back? . . . . . There she goes again, does she not know that I am not her backdrop to show off her beaded things?"


  1. She made a lovely picture with your spider on her back.

  2. Oh yes, our beloved pets, the can't speak, they walk noiseless, but they can talk to us and they just give so much..I often look to the window expecting her sitting there...

  3. Misha was terrified of thunder as well! Dove under the covers at the slightest hint of it.

    Gian? Couldn’t care less! Just like us, cats have their own unique purrsonalities.
    Fox ; )

  4. Our cat, Treacle, loves thunderstorms. She'll go out and watch the lightning, or sit on a windowsill if it's too windy. (She doesn't mind the rain or cold, not much gets through her fluff, but doesn't like the wind ruffling it!)

    She also loves fireworks and has been know to dash outside at the first sound of them in the evening.

  5. They do have different personalities. Thank you all for your comments.

  6. Goodness. That spider freaked me out for a moment. I thought "IT'S ON YOUR CAT. KILL IT NOW." Then I realized it's fake! *phew* It's so pretty! Definitely convincing too, at first glance. :)