Sunday 11 March 2012

Test Tatting Cay

This week I am test tatting a pattern which uses a chock full of beads. This is an interesting pattern from Ginny called Cay. Great to tat and I am having fun with it. I decided to use white threads to contrast the blue beads. How do you like it so far? These beads were a gift from Judy from this post.


  1. I am doing one too, it has a lot of beads, I had to go and buy some and them found I did not have enough so I will have to go and get more.

    Yours looks lovely

  2. Looks very pretty with the blue beads.

  3. Love that top one - pretty!
    Fox : )

  4. Gorgeous color choices and I can't wait to see the finished design!! :)

  5. Thank you everyone ofr the comments. Look out for the next post to see the completed motif.

    Margaret, hope you are having fun too.