Saturday 17 March 2012

Spiral Snails Galore

Well, if you could call 3 a galore. I just had to tat more. Anyway I tried tatting this pattern by Vicki using Perle Cotton 8 and you can see the snail is slightly larger. I used CWJ on the third snail. After tatting two, it suddenly came back to me, without me looking it up, the CWJ. Can you see which snail has the CWJ. May not be noticeable.

The beads are added to a long picot and I did not really measure the length of the picot so the number of beads added may not be exact to the pattern. Also I joined the start (picot on the paper clip) to the same chain so that the starting point is not hanging when it forms the spiral - from Ch 26-6 to Ch 20+6-6. It is just my preference. The 1st snail (pink & green) is as the pattern and it looks perfectly fine when blocked.

I have been thinking of getting the Starlit shuttles. Has anyone tried it. Do tell how you liked it. Is it too large for smaller hands? I like the size of the Sew Mate shuttles but this is much larger.  I find the Tatsy shuttles too big to handle.


  1. Sweet little snails.
    I have a Starlite shuttle... the good thing is that it holds a lot of thread but I do find it a bit big for my taste... perhaps if I used it more often I would get used to it. I generally use a Clover or a Sew Mate as I generally don't tat patterns that need more thread than they can hold.
    Hope this helps.


  2. They all look great! I love the multi-colored shell! :)

  3. Good Day Wendy, I love all your tatted snail especially the ones with lots of beads. I have missed some posting. Hmmmmmm I also love the Test Tat Belles. Those are absolutely gorgeous on the bottles. Love them. Of course all your tatting is so very lovely to look at. Have a great weekend. Hugs Judy

  4. They are adoreable, beautiful work!

  5. Who knew snails could be so cute? :) Haven't tried the Starlit shuttles because they look really big and the pick looks very blunt. I find the Sewmate shuttles to be perfect for projects requiring large quantities of thread. Though, I do sand the tips down just a bit before I use them because of their sharpness.

  6. The starlite I found a lot easier to work with than the tatsy...It doesn't seem as long and is nicer shaped to hold on to, better gripping area maybe too, I drop the tatsy a lot when I work with it, I don't have the same problem with the starlite.

  7. Those shuttles are pretty big. I have seen them and they look huge to me - compared to Clover or LaCossette.
    Fox : )

  8. Love your snails they are so cute!

  9. i would parade these snails! they are lovely. interesting to see them in different colours!

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean and I share your sentiment. But sometimes, there is a need to wind more thread than usual. I appreciate it.

    Hi Judy,
    Thank you so much. The bottles do look so pretty don't they. Lovely when the sun shines and they sparkle.

    Hi Stephanie,
    You know, I get upset when the Sew Mate shuttles get a little blunt after a porject or two. I love them sharp so they can go in between the stitches.

    Hi Julie,
    I think it will be a good substitute for the Tatsy shuttle. Thanks so much for your comment.

    Hi Fox,
    I think I have to get just one to try to satisfy my curiosity.

    Hi Typstatting,
    Glad you liked the snails!! Do try the pattern.

    Hi Val,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I love to see how they turn out too in the different colours.

    Thanks everyone!!

  11. Hi God's Kid and Kittytat,

    Sorry I had some comments to approve. Thank you both for your comments. My fav is the multicoloured one too.

  12. A lovely collection. I enjoy reading the comments about favorites. I'm always reminded that beauty is "in the eye of the beholder." I prefer the pink and green one. I especially like the way the beaded picot gets a scalloped look in that one.

  13. I have a Starlit shuttle and find it big for my small hands. I also find Sew mates big for my small hands though. BUT it does hold quite a bit of thread and after tatting with it for awhile, you get used to it. BUT, I think it would be better for thicker thread because the pick is so broad or at least for bigger picots.