Tuesday 13 March 2012

Test Tatting Belle

Another test tat for Ginny. This pattern is called Belle.  A wonderful pattern with weaving that makes such a beautiful design. Belle is meant to decorate the Christmas bauble that you decorate the tree with. I did not have one on hand and the whole time I was tatting this, I was thinking that it would make a lovely doll's skirt. A great pattern. Well done!!

Cay is meant to be used the same way but I thought it made this glass bottle so pretty. I actually blocked it on my liquid soap pump bottle in the washroom and when I remove the labels on that soap bottle, I will refill it and decorate it with Cay.


  1. Lovely patterns, I was wondering what to put them on to display it, you have solved a problem as I cant buy a bubble at this time of year. thanks.

  2. Very pretty decorations!! :)

  3. What a great way to get year round mileage from designs we usually see as seasonal!

  4. Lovely design, with the woven chains.

  5. They look Beautiful!! I love the colors you used!

    Thank you for testing the patterns