Saturday 4 December 2010

Thank you, Judy!

This is my thank you note to Judy for being so kind to send me all these goodies.

First, this is what was on the box Judy sent with other images of kittens and flowers. My favourite things!

This was what I was expecting. Judy and I agreed to do an exchange.
I saw Judy's cupcake pincushions on her blog and she so kindly agreed to make me one.
This cupcake is so pretty in purple and the little sprinkles just sparkles. I just love it!

This little bluebird created by Judy was also in the box. It is so adorable.
Judy explained that a little bluebird had been visiting her bird feeder and it was quite rare to see a bluebird.

In the same little box, she also added lovely beads for me to include in my tatting. All these for some tatting which Judy requested for. I was touched.

What I did not know was that Judy sent another envelope which arrived the very next day containing these:

Can you believe all these lovely items.
Lizbeth threads, a handcrafted card, an Anne of Green Gables card and stationery.

I just had to show you the bell that Judy crocheted.
Umi and Tsuru came running when I rang it.
Thank you so much Judy!
You are just amazing and so generous!


  1. What neat goodies! And I love the bell! :)

  2. wow, what a fun and wonderful exchange surprise :D

  3. Oh what a wonderful surprise :) Love that cupcake! Sure looks yummy! And those threads!!!! WoW!!! Can't wait to see what goodies you make with them. Judy is one special lady, just as you are :)

  4. What a lovely surprise the cupcake looks good enough to eat. Love the bell and the bird is cute!

  5. Wonderful surprise! Isn't it fun to open such amazing packages! Enjoy all your goodies.
    Fox : )