Friday 31 December 2010

Another Glimpse of the City

I heard from Judy that Martha Stewart featured Singapore in her show aired on 29 Dec 2010 in the US. I managed to catch bits of the video clips on her site. Yes, I agree Singapore is as green and beautiful but it is also hot, humid and crowded with people everywhere. Judy wanted me to post more photos of Singapore. I will try.
Another photo taken from the car while waiting at the traffic lights. The bus with the open top is a sightseeing bus, a popular tourist activity. Sometimes, we need to take time to be a tourist in the city we live in. I have never visited the Singapore Flyer, Resorts World Sentosa or Marina Sands Bay.
The buildings in the background is in the business district, mostly owned by banks and we are waiting for the light to change just in front of the grand old dame, the Raffles Hotel (not in the photo, on the right). The building on the right side of the photo (partial view only) is Raffles City Shopping Centre. Raffles City is located on the site where the original Raffles Institution building used to be. Raffles Institution is a school founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1823, the oldest school in Singapore.


  1. Hello Wendy, You are so sweet to show us more photos of your lovely green city. I was very impressed with Martha S. show on Singapore. But I am not so sure about Hot and Humid I like the cooler climates. VBG Hugs Judy

  2. One of the fun - and educationsl -things about blogging is getting to see other areas of the world and to hear personal stories from those who live there. Traffic is definitely universal! Apparently you have warm and humid temperatures year round!

    I'm amused by the "Hippo and Ducky" tour bus. Ours in Pittsburgh PA are called "Just Ducky Tours".

    Happy New Year, and a pat on the head to Umi and Tsuru. They are beautiful cats!