Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ornaments from Tatted Snowflakes and Beads

These three ornaments are what I made this year. Tatted snowflakes are patterns from Vida Sunderman. I had to alter it a little so that it would fit the neck of the ball ornament. For each, I made two snowflakes and joined them using beads.
Ornament 1

Ornament 2

Ornament 3


  1. They are lovely and thanks for showing how you did this, I had no idea. Good inspiration for next year! Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. All three of your ornaments are so very pretty. It's hard to chose which one I like best.

  3. Fantastic looking ornaments! I love how beautiful they are! :)

  4. Just what I've been trying to do! Your ornaments are very pretty. I have never made them, so I am struggling with trying to get the tatting on the ball so it looks good. Maybe by next Christmas, I'll have some done!
    Merry Christmas :)