Friday, 30 April 2010

Trellis (MK#44)

I used thread Size 40 for this pattern but I wished I had used Size 20 instead. The twisted chains or as Mary Konior called it the 'Victorian sets' did not turn out as hers did. This pattern is in her book 'Tatting in Lace' on pg 63. This was tatted for a friend in her favourite colour.


  1. I have trouble being consistent when there are so many segments like this in a pattern. If the chain is a long one, like in a bookmark tail, it's easier for me, but in little bits like this, I think I lose my "tatting flow". This looks nice though.

  2. Thanks Gina and Krystle. It was difficult to be consistent. I should have paid more attention to it. That's what you get when you tat and watch tv at the same time.

  3. I really like this design! I'll join the group that has trouble with consistency. I really have trouble when I put a piece down for a while and then go back to it. Still, I think it is very striking.

  4. I was so surprised to see the pic of this on my screen. I thought it was 'Sweethearts", by Mary Konior, which I am in the midst of tatting.

    Well, close enough! Yours is very pretty. I had considered that pattern as well, but was intimidated by the twisted chains!

    I find the one I am doing quite difficult. It is getting easier as I go, but it is hard to keep the tension of the chains consistent, as Gina said.
    Fox : )

  5. Thank you Diane, Fox and Bonnie.