Thursday 1 April 2010

International Tatting Day (MK#34)

This is called Coasters by Mary Konior. It is an example of irregular, random or free tatting. I call it 'crazy tatting'. Each piece will never look the same as there is no set number of stitches to follow once the centre two flowers are done.

To celebrate International Tatting Day 2010, I am offering to one lucky person, a piece of tatted lace. It will look 'similar' to this and I will tat it in your colour choice. All you have to do to enter is make a comment here with your colour choice before 7 April 2010. I will pick one winner using the random number generator.


  1. "Crazy tatting" the exact words for this piece of tatting. No worry about making a mistake on this one either. Turquoise or purple would be my choice.

  2. That is very pretty! I'd love to see it in a forest green or variegated greens.
    Happy International Tatting Day!
    Fox : )

  3. Love the Coasters!! I would love it in variegated or Purple!!!! Happy Tatting Day!

  4. Your coaster is very pretty. I haven't attempted to try any free tatting yet. I would choose a blue in the shade of your choosing.


  5. That is SO pretty! I have admired that pattern for a while but am too chicken to try it - I have to have my stitch count or I'm lost! I like purple also.
    Happy Tatting Day!
    :) Ann

  6. Wow, first I've heard of crazy tatting. It looks great! I love the idea of the freedom it allows to do one's own thing.

  7. Happy International Tatting Day my International tatting friend~! that is some crazy tatting there! I just did a belated tatting day post because I had to work yesterday.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  8. i'd seen this in mary's book, and yours is pretty in person! wow, it'll be cool to win some free tatting or 'crazy tatting'.