Thursday 15 April 2010

Olive-back Sunbird

The sunbirds are back this year. They started the nest a little earlier. It looks a lot sturdier than last year's nest. I mentioned we lost one chick last year. Well, this year the birds took materials from the last nest to build a new one and some yellow feathers peaked through. I guess the missing chick died in there last year. Survival of the fittest.

Big daddy, the male has a darker throat.

Big mommy does all the feeding while big daddy chirps to call out to the chick for feeding or to warn of danger lurking i.e. Umi and Tsuru.

Chicks on day of hatching.

Feeding time.Again only one chick survived. The other is probably still in the nest.

Chick is growing fast. Yellow feathers at the throat.

I see Big Daddy calling out to the chick urging it to fly out. He entices it with food in his mouth but he does not go to the nest. He lingers nearby. Is the chick ready to fly the coup?

Just about!!


  1. You took such great photos. Your camera must let you get good close-ups shots without physically getting close.

    It's funny how they return every year. When did they arrive this time?

  2. The chick lets me come very near for the photos and the nest is at eye level in my balcony. For the photos of the adult birds, I stand behind the glass door and take photos about 3-5 feet away. I then zoom in with my camera.

  3. And oh, they started buidling the nest early January. It took quite some time.

  4. I love this and thank you so much for sharing!!