Tuesday 20 April 2010

Stained glass lampshade

For Part II of the intermediate stained glass class involved making a four panel lampshade. While choosing a pattern, we wowed about the 6 panel lampshade. Not advisable for a first time project.

Glass of all four sides of the lampshade all cut and sides smoothened.

The crown (left) was optional but it just topped the lampshade beautifully. We were asked to decide on the crown after we had soldered together the four panels. Well, we all wanted the crowns.

This is before the patina was applied. Did you notice the slightly crooked crown?

Somehow, I prefer the solder to be flat which is what it should be on the underside but not the front. It should be rounded/beaded on the front.

The stand is just for the photograph. This lamp stand is a little too small for this lampshade. I ordered a slightly taller one and it will be shipped in soon. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the result was most rewarding. The next class will be the leading class which is still tentatively scheduled. I hope I get to attend that class.


  1. No I don't see the "slightly crooked crown", it looks beautiful!

  2. love the stained glass lampshade.

  3. What a gorgeous piece. Only you can detect the flaws!

  4. very cool! I always wanted to learn how to do this. My sister and niece do - not that I've ever gotten any of their work as a gift! LOL! I would probably not put the crown part on but I love the actual shade design.

  5. Your lampshade is very pretty =)

  6. The crown did not sit straight but I think the solder covered the gaps. You are all so kind. I love my lampshade.

    If you are thinking of learning, I would encourage you to do so. It is very rewarding, the results are always better than expected and it is not as difficult as it looks. I found cake decorating more challenging.

  7. Crooked!! I can't see it, all I see is a beautiful hand made item. I never did get to make a lampshade.

  8. You did very, very well. The shade is beautiful.

    You know, I always liked my beading to be flatter as opposed to round!
    Fox : )

  9. Hello Wendy your stain glass lamp is truly gorgeous. Very lovely indeed. Great work Hugs Judy