Friday 25 September 2009

Work in Progress

HJ who won Umi & Tsuru's August giveaway wrote me to say that she had received her tatting of blue hearts. She showed me a photo of her WIP which was a pretty pink motif with pearls. I thought I would share what I was currently working on too.

Threads are Tuscany (cotton size 20) from LadyShuttleMaker. Beautiful Curly Maple shuttle is from David Reed Smith. I love this shuttle. It just fits my fingers and tats very well. The wood is so beautiful and I find the pointed tip very useful for unpicking. I highly recommend David's shuttles.

What am I tatting, well . . I am following a pattern from this book on pg 72. What is it? You will have to wait and see.


  1. hmmm....looking very delicate!

  2. The piece you are working on is so lovely! It is delicate like Gina says. I have that same book! I love the Japanese tatting books that I many beautiful patterns!

  3. Thank you Gina and TattingChic. I just finished this last night and blocked it. Will take a photo and show you soon.