Sunday 6 September 2009

August Project 1: Mom's Memory Quilt Completed

I think mom loved her memory quilt. When she opened it up she thought it was another patchwork which I have made. I made one for my parents 25th wedding anniversary way back then. It was a queen size 'Trip around the world' patchwork duvet cover. It is kept like a family heirloom that is never used. I should photograph that one of these days.

I made this one with old photos of mom. Photos range from the 1960s to 2009. As I started this quilt late, I did not have enough time to do the quilting myself and I was having problems with my sewing machine. I had a lesson each week for 3 weeks and had to leave the quilting to the experts, Brigitte and Selina.


  1. Beautiful! She had to love it!

  2. What an amazing piece. That one will join the family heirloom collection for sure. I bet your mom can't stop looking at it.

  3. WOW! What a special quilt! Your kitty makes a lovely spokesmodel for the quilt, LOL! That is such a precious gift for a Mom!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Just love the crazy patchwork quilt. They are my favorite. Lots of memories.

    Robert, in northern Iowa.

  5. Wendy, your quilt is just beautiful. I know your mom loved it, who wouldn't?

  6. Thank you all. I wish I had done the quilting and binding myself. I did help Selina with the basting. Can't wait to start on my next quilt. In the meantime, I am busy baking and decorating.