Tuesday 8 September 2009

August Project 2: Cake Decorating Completed

I made this lemon poppy seed cake for my mom's birthday. This cake travelled 300km and the roses got a little flattenned. We had a chinese dinner the day before her birthday for about 50 family members to celebrate her birthday. My sister ordered two of mom's favourite cakes: a tiramisu cake and a durian cake. This cake was cut the next day at home.


  1. Flattened roses or not, cut me a slice!!! Looks beautiful. How sweet of you to make this for your mom's 70th. I'm sure it was a big hit.Happy belated birthday to Wendy's mom.

  2. Oh, she had a great time, Pat. She was happy just because her family was there to celebrate with her.

  3. Very pretty! You did such a lovely job with the cake! I wish I would've had my camera working and this blog when I was taking cake decorating classes and making the cakes.

    We have a lot in common Wendy, with the cake decorating and tatting...how fun!

    ~TattingChic ♥