Saturday 19 September 2009

Bath Time

Every few months or so Umi and Tsuru gets a bath. Now before this can happen, there are a few conditions which needs to be met. It is a two person operation with a lot of protest from all. It needs to be a sunny day and has to be done in the late morning or early afternoon. The house has to be just vacuumed and mopped. Of course Umi and Tsuru must be healthy and not under the weather.

They may scream and shout during the bath but I think both feel more comfortable after. Umi will have soft silky fur for at least a day or two and Tsuru looks extra fluffy and smells delicious. The only down side for Tsuru is that Umi would hiss at her for a week after the bath. Tsuru does not seem to smell herself.


  1. We just gave our cats a bath for the first time last month. They absolutely felt better afterwards but at the time it wasn't much fun for them.

  2. Yes, I agree poor kitties, but I have an inkling they know it should feel better after that.