Monday 21 September 2009

Flower pins & my dear old sewing machine

I recently discovered the use of flower pins while attending the CQ class. Did not know of their existence until recently. I guess the normal pins with tiny heads would do just as well. Unless there is an extra use to these besides looking pretty.

I took my 20 year old sewing machine to the shop to fix and they advised me to get a new machine trading in my old one. I guess economically it's right when you can get a similar brand new one for about the same price that I paid for it 20 years back. Repairing it may costs just a little less and it may not last another 20 years. Sigh. What about just because it was a gift and it was my first very own sewing machine? If I trade it in, what will happen to it? Would they repair it, strip it into parts or just throw it away? Should I get a second opinion?


  1. Yes, get a second opinion, preferably from someone who isn't trying to sell you something else. It would depend a lot on what kind of machine it was, and what needed to be fixed. So many modern machines are badly made. I would say, buy a new one if you must, but if the old one can be repaired, I'd keep it too. At least insist on testing the new machine yourself, both in the shop and at home, with the option of returning it for full repayment if it doesn't perform well, and keep the old one until you are absolutely confident that the new one is better.

  2. Thank you Tamar for your comment and advice. I believe I will get a second opinion. In the meantime, I agree I will hold on to my machine. I will try to use it again this weekend.