Thursday 31 October 2019

Strands of Pearls

I have not been tatting.
Instead I was stringing pearls.
Broke a few needles . . .
Had problems threading the needle
Getting too old . . .
Patience running empty
Frustrating . . .
Same goes for tatting


  1. I hope you’ll get your mojo back. I love the pearl bracelet you sent me.

  2. Very nice! :)
    I hope your tatting frustration turns back into joy because you have such beautiful projects!! :)

  3. There s such a thing as too much ice cream. It's ok to take a break, especially when activities stop being fun.

  4. The strands of pearls are lovely! That's something I would like to learn. I've tried on my own, but I think I need to sit down with someone who knows what they're doing. Broken needles, trouble threading, lack of patience... I know them well.

  5. Lovely pearls, I lost a bit of mojo last week hopefully this week will be better. Hope your mojo comes back soon.