Friday, 25 October 2019

Happy Deepavali 2019

Deepavali is celebrated on 27 October this year and Little India is decked out in lights. I do not know if you can make out the peacocks, chariots and horses. 

The Christmas lights in Orchard Road are also being put up. Seems a little early but it will be enjoyed by many.


  1. The diya or deep (in the center) is my favourite Deepavali motif. Lights are always welcome 😃 Enjoy the festival of lights 💗🌹💗

    1. Is that the little oil lamp?

    2. Yes. In South India, it is also called deepam. I love the natural flicker of it's flame ;-D

  2. You live in an incredibly artistic city! This effect is so stunning! Must be amazing to drive under! There certainly are a lot of holidays!

    I admit I'm not crazy about Christmas lights going up too soon. I understand putting them up but not lighting them! At first I thought our neighbor was just testing his Christmas lights (outlining the roof of his house, and blinking and 'moving'), but they have been on every night so far, and it's only October 25 - much too early! We're still enjoying the changing colors on the trees in Autumn with mildly warm weather!

  3. Beautiful photos, christmas seems to get earlier and earlier every year.