Tuesday 29 October 2019

Hydrangea Flowers

When I bought this, it already had a bunch of flowers.
It grew bigger but the colour was pale.

As the days went by, the pink grew stronger.
It needs watering twice a day and I see a tiny shoot sprouting at the base.
Keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. You Do have green fingers :-))) Beautiful!

  2. You hydrangea is beautiful!! I like the pink maybe it will have some lavender also

  3. It's the wrong time of year for those where I live but always pleasent to see. Where I live they nickname them Snowballs plants.

  4. Beautiful! Our hydrangeas were not photo-worthy this year. The weather did not cooperate, and all of our flowers were very sad looking. I'm glad yours looks so pretty!

  5. Beautiful Hydrangea yes ours are over now although we still have some green leaves many have turned into autumn colours which will start falling very soon.