Tuesday 15 October 2019

Kai Kai

Finally visited the giant pandas at the River Safari. We saw Kai Kai enjoying a morning snack and Jia Jia sleeping in her enclosure on the video cam. They have been in Singapore since 2013. Artificial insemination last year did not result in a pregnancy. Let’s hope this year we will be able to hear happy news. Female pandas are only fertile for a few days each year.


  1. Oh I love pandas I got to see them along time age in Washington D.C. at the Zoo it was so much fun!

  2. I live in the US in Memphis, Tennessee. Our zoo also has a pair of pandas - one of the few pairs in the US. The zoo has been trying to get the female pregnant for over a decade with no success. At one point they thought she was, but evidently it's pretty hard to tell if a panda is pregnant and they finally discovered she wasn't. Hopefully your pandas and ours will both become pregnant soon.

  3. I love Pandas and would love to see one for real. I hope they are successful this year.