Friday, 18 March 2016

Stawasz Motif

Taking a little break before I continue with more animals. This is tatted in Lizbeth Size 20 Col. 131 Vineyard Harvest. The pattern is from Jan Stawasz table runner 1 on page 67 of 'Tatting Theory and Patterns'. I will not tat the whole pattern but use this on one of my coasters.


  1. Beautiful and gorgeous pattern, I was looking for some motifs so I will get the book out, thanks

  2. Those medallions look very different tatted alone instead of joined together with many of them to create a table runner. I never noticed this one, only saw the runner. It's very pretty, and your tatting is very nice, too.

  3. I always recognize Vineyard Harvest. It's one of my favorites of the Lizbeth threads. And this motif is very striking!

    You deserve a break! I am so impressed with your long list of animals so far - and many in duplicates or more! You have really persevered with this project!

  4. A beautiful motif. I really like how open it looks.