Monday, 21 March 2016

Paprika the Dragon

Thank you for your suggestions of animal patterns. This was suggested by Eliz Davis. This dragon pattern is from Martha Ess.

I used the Daruma Lace Size 30 threads. These dragons are about 4 inches in length. The red baby dragon is a little hunched back because, as usual I misread the pattern. 


  1. It's just looking downward; probably spotted something interesting on the ground that the other one hasn't noticed yet.

  2. I thought he was just looking down to see who was looking up at him! They both look good.

  3. He's just bending over to look at something!tat a little ice cream cone for him, it will be very cute.

  4. I like them and pictured together they look like they are flying together, I think I would add another wing and then they would be flying