Monday, 28 March 2016

Morgan Mouse

This mouse pattern is by Wanda Salmans and it was Margaret who suggested this when I asked for ideas on which animal to tat next.

The pink mouse is the original pattern by Wanda tatted in Lizbeth Size  Shell pink medium Col. 627. I added two Josephine rings for the eyes and instead of a 8 point metal finding in the centre of the body, I tatted an 8-ring rosette.

In the light grey one, I added stitches to make the mouse larger in size. Tatted in Daruma Lace Size 30 threads.

Thank you Wanda for the pattern and Margaret for pointing it to me.


  1. Perfect additions to your project. You did a nice job making the changes to accommodate your specifications!

  2. I love the Josephine rings for the eyes, looks great! In fact I like it better this way than with the beads. Wonderful job!