Thursday 11 December 2014

White Organza Bag Winner

While I used the Random Number Generator to pick the winning number, I was wondering if #1 would be drawn again but no. The winning number is #4, and it goes to Margaret. I will put it in the post tommorrow.

Thank you all for participating. This is the last giveaway for 2014. I hope you had fun.


  1. Wow just looked to see who won and it's my lucky day, thank you Wendy for doing this giveaway. I look forward to receiving it

  2. It was very generous of you to have three giveaways! I forgot to enter this one, as our group is involved in two tatting events, one last weekend and one this weekend! Congratulations to Margaret!

    I believe I have some of these same type bags in my stash, and I'm going to attach tatting to them - if I can find them! Thanks for reminding me why I bought them!