Monday 7 October 2013

Pink & Burgundy Flower Edging

Another one from Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite by Marianne Langwieser and Tatiana Scharowa on page 108. It is actually the last row of a collar pattern. I used Flora Size 20 in pink (#207) and burgundy (#222) to match the hand towel. Does it go well? 

I am not too happy with the scale of the pattern to the hand towel. Perhaps I should have used a size 40 thread. I really like the plush feel of this hand towel.


  1. The design and colors go well with the towel, however, you may be right about the size.

  2. What a beautiful towel! Perfect thread colour.

    I think you are right... the smaller thread would be better.
    Fox )

  3. Beautiful edging, live the pattern and colours

  4. Looks fabulous! I think the size works against the flower embroidery.

  5. Colors are great. Pattern picks up the hint of the flower embroidery on the towel. You are right - smaller thread may look better - using the bigger thread, the edging flowers are a bit too large for the embroidered flowers.
    Stephanie W.