Monday 28 October 2013

Mary Konior's Butterfly

I have tatted this pattern before here. The shape of the butterfly is so appealing and they are all rings. I had some thread left from the hand towel edging so decided to tat a butterfly centre for the towel but changed my mind and decided to keep it simple for the towel. I made it into a bookmark instead.


  1. It's so beautiful and delicate!!! :)

  2. So pretty... I will tat one for The Boss. She'll love it!
    Fox. : )

  3. This is my favorite butterfly, I have made so many I know the pattern off by heart. I made around 100 of these for my wedding, they were put on my dress, bouquets, bridesmaids, favours,. It's what you could call my test pattern for new threads to see how the colours work out.