Thursday 24 October 2013

FALL TIAS 2013 Completed

Piccadilly Express tatted by umintsuru 
When I wound shuttles for the TIAS, I hoped it would be enough to complete the TIAS as I had emptied this ball of Manuela Size 20 thread. It was the ball of thread I had learnt tatting with in 2006.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fall TIAS and am grateful to Sherry for this wonderful pattern and hosting this Fall TIAS.

I think there will be more colourful 'Piccadilly Express' in the workshop.


  1. Great photo snd wonderful tatting! Sherry certainly came up with a delightful pattern!

  2. You and me both will be doing this engine for a while yet.

  3. Looks great. I'm on the caboose, and hoping I won't have to add thread! (But at least I do have more thread on the ball if needed.)