Friday 4 October 2013

Ikebana Workshop I

It was a 2-hour workshop on a weekday evening. It started with a simple buffet dinner, then the ikebana instructor demonstrated with 3 arrangements. Ikebana means 'to give life' - I guess a second life after being cut from the plant. There is a lot of bending to form, weaving with pinning and wiring.


The first one is made with a white vase - cluster of cylinders. She first inserted the red twigs which were gently bent to form, two sprays of white lilies, the light green balloon cotton bush, yellow Oncidiums and finally some fish tail palm leaves.

Second is with an unusual bright turquoise vase. Large bird's nest fern leaves were added into a frog, followed by birds of paradise, purple gladiolus and Dracaena leaves.

The last arrangement started with a lovely frosted bamboo shaped vase with green willow twigs, a beautiful spray of Cymbidium orchid, baby's breath, pandanus and palm leaves.

Part II continues tomorrow.


  1. I love the way they do their flowers in such simple lines. Love the birds nest Fran leaves never seen one that large, they are house plants in this country but the leaves are a lot smaller.

  2. This one is extra long but they do grow quite large.