Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Letter to Gian

Dear Mr G,
I learnt my lesson. Do not get curious when she brings out that little grey tub. Umi knew better than I. She would run and hide when she saw that little grey tub. Me, I had to sniff and investigate. That's what happens. 

But just look at my white belly. And . . . . I get extra treats after that torture. Have you tried these? My absolute favourite.

Love, Tsuru.


  1. I love your white tummy, I take it you had a bath?

  2. Little grey tub?? - is it worm medicine? - or perhaps it's shampoo, cats hate that!

  3. Dear Tsuru,
    You have the most beautiful belly I have ever seen. So white and fluffy.

    I am just sorry you had to endure the horrid grey tub. Yes, Umi was clever to see the dreadful ordeal ahead, but hopefully this will never happen again.

    Catch a bird and tear its head off for your human. That will make her forget forever about this human torture called ' bath.'


  4. Dear Tsuru:

    I hate it when They try and brush me! I don't care about the other furry guys.

    Yum - the treats look great! Where's mine?

    Ur buddy in fur and claws,

  5. Yes, Tsuru had a bath in her little grey tub. Now her fur is soft and silky.

    Dear Vader,
    I love a good comb. If only she would do it everyday. No one else to impress here but I do love my treats!! Now, how do I steal some to send to you?

  6. Dear Mr G,

    Thank you. And you have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.