Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Flowers of Feathers


One more window display. This one is from Hermes. Look closely at the flowers which are made from shuttlecocks tinted in pastels. In school, badminton was my favourite sport.


  1. This is very cool! I never would have guessed! Those shops really outdo themselves!

    I spent wonderful summers in the 1950s playing badminton with my friends! My one friend had the perfect, level yard, with tall trees for shade, without being an obstacle. We often just played to see how long we could keep the shuttlecock going back and forth! I tried playing in recent years and was surprised at my lack of agility! Ah, youth!

  2. So funny! I LOVED badminton as a teenager. We even had a net and rackets in our yard!

    That Hermes window is brilliant. Stylish shuttlecocks for discerning clientele!

    Fox : ))

  3. Wow that's fantastic, thank you for sharing the photo