Wednesday 17 April 2013

Tree Frogs

I am tatting a collection of animals for a quilt project. I think I have enough for more than one quilt. I am also trying not to use any beads and may embroider the eyes in later. This is Jane Eborall's red eyed tree frog but as you can see no red eyes or bugle beads toes for mine. I used Perle Anchor Perle Cotton 8 in Col. 1215 variegated green and DMC Cotton Perle 8 in Col. 51 variegated orange. They measure about 2.5 inches. This is a very clever pattern and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Jane! What does this shape remind you of?


  1. Fabulous frogs!!! :)
    I love the colors you used!! :)

  2. Very neat and colorful frogs.. Hugs Judy

  3. Two great frogs, I look forward to seeing your quilt when finished.